Why hire a La Canada pet sitter?
Ever wonder, why hire a pet sitter?

Professional pet sitters do a great deal more than merely provide food and water for pets. A good pet sitter will give precious pets individual love, attention and care.

By maintaining a pet's routine in their own home environment, pet sitters provide security and comfort.

Special attention and medications for the sick, injured or senior pets is one of the many benefits of having an in-home pet care specialist.

In Addition…

Relatives, friends or neighbors will not be inconvenienced by your pet and the additional responsibilities.

There’s no risk of acquiring diseases or parasites from other animals in a kennel.

Many veterinarians recommend that pets stay at home when their owners are away so that they maintain their diet and routine.

With familiar sights and smells, separation anxiety is greatly reduced or altogether avoided.

Do you need pet sitters in La Canada?
Do You…
  • Need to plan a vacation and wonder who will look after your pets?
  • Work all day and have limited time to walk your dog(s)?

Have you ever had...
  • An unexpected out-of-town trip come up and not have anyone available to watch your pets on short notice?
  • Have pets with special needs or that cannot be left alone overnight?

“The Critter Sitter” is a professional and complete Pet/House Sitting Service owned and operated by Dusty Briscoe, trusted to provide pet sitting in La Canada since 1994!

We are the perfect answer for frequent travelers, vacationing families, or unexpected emergencies.

During our initial consultation, we will have several forms that need to be completed, so I can get to know you and your pets better. This is also the best time to provide a copy of your house key.

I understand the importance of you knowing that a trustworthy, individual is entering your home and caring for your pets.

Upon request, I am happy to provide references so that you are comfortable working with me.

Why choose The Critter Sitter over other La Canada pet care services?

Experience – I have been around a long time and have dealt with and cared for many types of animals ranging from mice to horses and everything in between.

Knowledge – I care for pets with special needs including, spinal injuries, congestive heart failure, kidney and renal failure, diabetes, daily IV solutions

Professionalism – I take pride in being clean, organized and making safety and security a top priority

Best of all, I Love My Work!

My phone hours are 7am – 6pm

(818) 726-PETS
(818) 726-7387

I return all phone calls the same day. All calls received after 6pm are returned first thing the next day.

Work days: Mon - Sun 24/7
Including all Holidays
Please Book Early